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Brow Lift

As people age, the eyebrows begin to sag and frown lines can form across the forehead, producing an angry, tired, or sad appearance. Also known as a forehead lift, brow lift surgery, performed at our office in Wayne, Pennsylvania, near Delaware can dramatically soften features, smooth skin across the forehead, and create a higher, more youthful brow line. Jonathan Pontell, M.D. is a member of The Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Center, and is deeply committed to ensuring that his patients get the excellent results and personalized service they deserve. To learn more about brow lift procedures and to find out whether you might be a Philadelphia brow lift candidate, contact our Pennsylvania / South New Jersey cosmetic surgery offices today.


Traditional brow lift surgery by our Philadelphia-area expert is performed in our Wayne, Pennsylvania office near Philadelphia and Delaware, and in local service centers and hospitals. Dr. Pontell does 2 different versions of a traditional browlift.  In the pretricheal procedure, the incision goes into the fine hairs of the frontal hairline and then into the hair bearing scalp of the temples.  In the coronal procedure, the entire incision is hidden in the hair bearing scalp. Excess skin, as well as muscle, is removed, and the skin on the forehead is tightened. Frown lines across the forehead are smoothed and the brow is given a more youthful arch, which rejuvenates the face. After surgery, the head is wrapped with gauze dressings. Many patients choose to have a brow lift in combination with another cosmetic surgery procedure, such as eyelid lift, lip augmentation, chin augmentation, or facelift in Philadelphia.


Patients that need only a moderate forehead lift may be candidates for an endoscopic brow lift. At our Wayne, Pennsylvania office near Philadelphia, we use the endoscopic technique for patients who desire a less invasive surgical procedure as well as for those who require less skin removal in order to achieve the desired result. During the endoscopic brow lift procedure, several small incisions are made within the hairline, arching across the head above the forehead. Through these incisions, Dr. Pontell inserts an endoscopic camera so that he can clearly see the tissues within the forehead. By detaching the muscle tissues above the eyebrows, he will smooth the skin of deep frown lines. The skin may also be lifted for a more youthful appearance. Unlike a traditional brow lift procedure, in which one long incision is made, in endoscopic brow surgery several small incisions are made.


Both men and women experience the signs of aging. As people of both genders get older, the skin on the face loses elasticity, the jowls start to droop, and frown lines develop across the forehead. Brow lift surgery, therefore, is an appropriate solution for both men and women. Traditional brow lift surgery, however, is not always an ideal choice for male patients, because it can raise the hairline. Using an incision hidden in the forehead creases, Dr. Pontell can enhance the patient’s appearance by raising the eyebrows and smoothing the forehead without affecting the hairline.


Our brow lift surgeon is a well-known Delaware and Philadelphia-area expert in the field of facial plastic surgery. At his Wayne, Pennsylvania office, we can address sagging skin to remove obstructions to vision, and give you the look you desire. With a brow lift, we can smooth frown lines on the forehead and raise the brow arch to a more youthful position. If you live in the Main Line Suburbs of Philadelphia, contact us at The Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Center, and we’ll schedule your initial consultation today!

Procedure: Brow Lift, Mini-Facelift, Blepharoplasty
Before and After - Facelift

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Procedure: Blepharoplasty, Brow Lift
Before and After - Facelift

Actual Patient of Dr. Pontell

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