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Male Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jonathan Pontell is one of the leading Philadelphia facial plastic surgeons offering a vast array of procedures for women and men. As a plastic surgeon specializing exclusively in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Pontell recognizes that the female and the male face require a different surgical approach. While women usually desire to reduce the signs of aging and achieve a “softer” facial appearance, men often wish to enhance the masculine features of the face while also rejuvenating their overall appearance. Dr. Pontell has extensive experience helping both men and women achieve their aesthetic goals. If you are interested in male facial plastic surgery, explore the information below to learn about some of the procedures men request more often.


Both men and women experience the signs of aging. As people of both genders get older, the skin of the face loses elasticity, the jowls start to droop, and frown lines develop across the forehead. Brow lift surgery, therefore, is an appropriate solution for both men and women. Traditional brow lift surgery, however, is not always an ideal choice for male patients, because it can raise the hairline. Using an incision hidden in the forehead creases, Dr. Pontell can enhance the patient’s appearance by raising the eyebrows and smoothing the forehead without affecting the hairline.


Men often experience fewer signs of facial aging than women. However, one area that often causes concern for male patients is the neck. As the skin loses its elasticity, the tissues on the neck might begin to sag. This process might be accelerated if the patient has gained and then lost a large amount of weight. Once the fatty tissue is gone, the skin on the neck might appear “empty” and hang in loose folds. Dr. Pontell can correct this aesthetic issue by performing male neck lift in Philadelphia. During this procedure, he creates small incisions in the ear area, removes the excess skin and fatty tissue, and creates a tighter, more youthful neck line.


Because many men do not use sunscreen and protective eyewear, the delicate eye area often develops deep crow’s feet and horizontal and vertical lines. In addition, unhealthy diets, smoking and stressful lifestyles might contribute to the development of under-eye bags. In order to restore a more youthful eye appearance, Dr. Pontell performs male eyelid lift in Pennsylvania / Delaware. During this procedure, he creates small incisions in the natural eyelid creases and removes the excess skin and any displaced fatty tissue deposits. Dr. Pontell then tightens the skin and sutures it into a more youthful position. As a result, the eye area and the entire face appear refreshed.


Male patients with extensive signs of aging in the lower face often benefit tremendously from the male face lift surgery. Dr. Jonathan Pontell offers several forms of male facelift to meet the aesthetic needs and concerns of each facelift Philadelphia patient. For individuals in their 40s and 50s, Dr. Pontell might perform the mini facelift – a minimally invasive form of facelift that can enhance the jaw line and soften deep folds around the mouth. For mature patients, Dr. Pontell might perform the traditional facelift – a treatment that can remove unsightly jowls, loose skin from the lower face, and reduce deep lines and wrinkles. Sometimes, he might combine facelift with brow lift or eyelid surgery to address the signs of aging in both the lower and upper face.


Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is a procedure that is pursued by men of all ages. Patients who are unhappy with their nose because of a prominent hump, bulbous tip or large nostrils are often cosmetic nose surgery Philadelphia candidates. Individuals suffering from functional nose problems, such as obstructed breathing, can resolve these issues by pursuing functional rhinoplasty. In addition, Dr. Pontell also performs reconstructive rhinoplasty for patients whose nose has been damaged in an accident or as a result of cancer or other diseases.


To learn how Dr. Jonathan Pontell can help you rejuvenate your facial appearance and turn back the hands of time, schedule a personal consultation by calling (610) 405-7100. Dr. Pontell will listen to your concerns and wishes and ask you to describe how you would like to look after surgery. He will use this information to develop a unique treatment plan that might consist of surgical and non-surgical procedures, such as rhinoplasty, facelift, BOTOX® Cosmetic and Ultherapy.

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